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Tree Trimming 411: Woodchippers

When it comes to tree trimming services on the Hawaiian Islands, there are a variety of pieces of equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and right. The team at Island Tree Trimming works with a variety of clients to help keep the natural environment of the Hawaiian Islands beautiful while providing the high-quality tree trimming services you need.

Have you ever wondered about the various types of equipment that our teams use each and every day? In this blog series, we will break down the common equipment that our team brings to each job site, as well as the lesser-known techniques that make tree trimming an art form in itself!

To start our series, we will take a look at one of the most commonly-used pieces of machinery you will see at a tree trimming job site: the woodchipper.

Meet The Woodchipper

Woodchippers – also known by some as tree chippers – is a high-powered piece of tree trimming equipment that utilizes motorized blades to chop up tree limbs, branches, and debris into smaller, more manageable pieces. As the pieces of tree are chopped up into smaller bits and pieces, they are easier to transport away from the job site or used for landscaping.

The average woodchipper is driven by a combustion engine ranging from 2.2 kw, 3 horsepower all the way up to a very powerful 750 kW, 1,000 horsepower speed. The strength of the engine can often be customized to provide a specific size and style of wood chips.

Woodchippers are typically mounted on wheels to allow for portability on worksites. Some also include a hydraulic crane to allow for ease of use in a variety of situations.

Woodchippers serve one main job: to cut down large tree branches and brush into smaller pieces. This is accomplished by feeding various sizes and types of tree detritus into the woodchipper’s metal hopper. The hopper guides the debris down into a set of rotating blades that are rotating at a fast speed to cut the pieces apart. Once chipped, the branches are deposited into a collection container where they can be processed.

The Team Of Woodchipper Types

There are different types and styles of woodchipper, with each offering a unique style of chipping and final product. Depending on the type of project you need completed, a specific kind of woodchipper can be provided. Here is a short list of the different types of woodchippers:

Two Main Chipper Types:
There are two main styles of woodchippers, the disc chipper and drum chipper.

Disc Chippers:
The most common type of woodchipper used by tree trimming companies is the disc chipper. A disc chipper is built with a steel disc that has blades mounted on it. As the engine powers the disc chipper, the blades rotate to shred the tree branches that are fed into the hopper.

Drum Chippers:
Some companies are starting to utilize a new style of woodchipper known as the drum chipper. A drum chipper uses a rotating drum as opposed to a disc to shred branches as they are fed into the hopper. A drum chipper can provide a different style of wood chips that can be used for landscaping needs.

Unique Woodchippers

There are also other woodchippers that serve unique purposes that may be present at work sites.

Wood Shredder:
A smaller style of woodchipper, wood shredders offer the same powerful wood chipping services at a size that is more portable and mobile. Wood shredders are great for taking care of smaller projects around your home.

Chipper Shredder:
If you want the benefits of a woodchipper and shredder, you can use a chipper shredder to complete your tree trimming needs. The chipper shredder can provide unique sizes and styles of wood chips once the tree branches are consumed.

Stump Grinder:
Finally, taking out entire trees will often require a stump grinder. This unique woodchipper will help you take care of the large stump that is left over when complete trees are cut down. With multi-toothed blades, a stump grinder can quickly shred stumps and create a flat surface where a tree once stood. 

Take Care Of Your Woodchipper Needs With Island Tree Trimming

When using a woodchipper, it is absolutely necessary to take every precaution to avoid a potentially tragic or fatal accident. A woodchipper should only be operated by a trained and experienced expert that understands how to properly operate these powerful pieces of machinery.

Also, high-quality woodchippers can cost thousands of dollars, so it may be easier to hire a company who already has equipment necessary to complete the job fast. If you need the services of a woodchipper listed above, hire the team at Island Tree Trimming.

Our team of dedicated tree trimming experts can help you take care of any tree trimming services you need, while helping you protect the beautiful natural environment we have in Hawaii. Each one of our tree trimming professionals have been trained in how to operate a variety of wood chipper types across many different locations, so you can trust our team to take care of your property with professional care.

Want to learn more? See our full suite of woodchipper services online at Island Tree Trimming. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Tree Trimming 411: Wood Chippers
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