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The Majestic Hawaiian Mango Tree

 Across the state of Hawaii, you are likely to see the colorful, enticing fruit of the Hawaiian mango tree. A favorite of natives and tourists alike, these tall, strong, and fruitful trees are a favorite of those seeking the natural beauty and tasty fruit of the big islands. It is no wonder that the mango tree has become a staple of Hawaiian culture and society! 

 While mango trees are prevalent across much of Hawaii, few know the many traditional and modern uses that mango trees bring to the everyday life of our residents. Also referred to as the “dooryard tree” in Hawaii neighborhoods, mango trees have experienced wild popularity due to their incredible size, color, and the trademark fruit that they drop each year across the island.

The Magic of The Hawaiian Mango Tree

 You may be surprised to learn that while mango trees are synonymous with Hawaii, they are actually not native to the islands. Having been brought to Hawaii from India in 1824, mango trees have flourished in the Hawaiian ecosystem due to the natural climate.

Why? The mango tree flourishes in Hawaii due to the generally wet environment that the islands enjoy each year. A healthy mango requires about 40 to 60 inches of rain each year. This watering allows them to grow tall and large and begin to bear fruit after three to four years. 

 At that point, many mango trees will tower 20 feet above the ground! Mango fruit will typically ripen in the late summer and fall. Across Hawaii there are tons of types of mango tree fruit varieties, including Brook’s Late, Carrie, Exel, Fairchild, and more!

 Mango fruit and mango tree leaves are utilized in a variety of creative ways. Mango is used for cooking, ice cream, drinks, skin care, and more! With so many reasons to love mango, it’s not surprising that so many Hawaii residents love their mango trees.

The Double-Edged Sword: Mango Rash

Here’s a not-so-fun fact that may surprise you about the Mango Tree. Have you or your children ever experienced an itchy or burning rash after playing in the trees? It may be related to the mango tree! Known as Mango Dermatitis, mango rash is a rare allergic reaction that may be experienced when coming into contact with the sap of the mango tree when picking off the fruit or branches.

 Mango rash can occur when your body has an allergic reaction to the chemical compounds in the sap, stem, or leaves of a mango tree. The reaction can range from swelling skin or itchy rash to severe blistering and burning. If you are concerned that you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to a mango tree, it is vital that you quickly wash any skin that has touched the tree or fruit, and contact a healthcare professional to learn more. 

 Understanding the characteristics of the mango tree – as well as the signs to look for with mango rash – can help you avoid dangerous allergic reactions. Are you concerned with the potential of mango rash with you or your family? Island Tree Service can help you take the steps necessary to protect both your family and the mango trees from unexpected pain and suffering. 

Enjoy Your Mango Tree With Island Tree Trimming

 Island Tree Trimming is passionate about helping the residents of our beautiful state enjoy all that the mango tree has to offer while still having a clean and well-kept property. With the mango tree being one of the special treasures of our state, it is vital that we both protect these natural resources while helping our residents enjoy their homes.

 As one of the most dedicated teams of Kauai tree experts, every tree trimming expert at Island Tree Trimming is educated in their understanding of how to identify and protect mango trees. Our team has years of experience in serving customers across Kauai, we know how valuable and beautiful the mango tree is to Hawaii, but also the importance of ensuring that families are kept safe from overgrowth and potential exposure to mango rash.

 At Island Tree Trimming, we work hard to protect our natural resources and serve our client family. Serving the beautiful island of Kauai and its residents is our job, our life, our Aloha. 

 Want to learn more about the Hawaiian mango tree, as well as other services that our team offers for families and property owners across the island? Contact the team at Island Tree Trimming today to learn more about our entire suite of services.

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