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Stump Removal Services

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Stump Removal Services

Nothing is more unsightly than an old tree stump on your property. It can be hard to mow around tree stumps or can be a physical hazard. Some tree stumps may even start to grow back requiring constant maintenance. At Island Tree Trimming we make it easy for you to get rid of that annoying tree stump and give you back that beautiful landscape.

Some stumps are easier to remove than others and therefore require different removal techniques and equipment. Generally, the size and age of the tree are your best indicators of the difficulty involved in removing the stump. Our trained specialists will assess your unique situation and apply the most efficient method to removing that unsightly tree stump.

Stump Grinding Service

The most common method of tree stump removal is a technique called “stump grinding” and utilizes a power tool that mechanically removes the stump by rotating a cutting disk that chips away at the stump until it is just below ground level leaving you with a smooth even landscape. This technique is the most recommend and effective method of removing tree stumps as they destroy everything remaining of the tree stump including the roots in a very short time.

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Island Tree Trimming - Stump Grinding Service
Island Tree Trimming - Stump Grinding
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