A Closer Look At Our Tree Trimming Bucket Truck

Ever wondered what those trucks with long necks are all about? Learn more about bucket trucks, and how they make high-rise projects easier.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, there is nothing more magical than watching a bucket truck lift it’s iconic bucket high into the air. There’s just something about that truck climbing high into the sky that makes us want to hop and go for a ride!

At Island Tree Trimming, we utilize bucket trucks every day to help our customers care for their property and avoid potentially dangerous situations. With the aid of a trusty bucket truck, out of reach places can be accessed and serviced quickly.

As part of our ongoing series covering popular tools of the tree trimming trade, let’s take a closer look at the bucket truck – its purpose, it’s cost, and why you should only trust a qualified team to handle your bucket truck needs.

What Is A Bucket Truck?

So what defines a bucket truck? Well, when it comes to these unique vehicles, there is a lot in a name!

Bucket trucks are iconic for their bucket, boom, and chip box. These trucks allow for individuals to rise to high locations and access places in a controlled and effective way. A favorite of tree trimming companies – including Island Tree Trimming – bucket trucks make the job of trimming and caring for Hawaiian trees easy and convenient.

Teams using bucket trucks are often trained and licensed in handling heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. This is important, because when the bucket truck’s boom and bucket is high in the air, the slightest mistake could spell disaster.

For tree trimming, a bucket truck is typically parked a distance away from the tree or tree line that is being serviced. The boom will be raised high into the air to give the trimming technician the angle they need to work on the tree safely. If necessary, extra brakes and stabilizers can be used to keep the bucket truck stable throughout the process.

Why Use A Bucket Truck?

On the islands of Hawaii, tree trimming companies use bucket trucks to help tame the wild overgrowth of the trees we know and love. While these trees can offer great shade and beautiful foliage, too much growth can lead to entanglement with power lines and potentially dangerous fire situations.

With a bucket truck, tree trimming companies can keep trees safely trimmed and protect the environment and local property from risk. The use of a bucket truck allows teams to access hard to reach places in tree lines and keep the environment safely serviced and looking great!

Things To Consider Before Investing In A Bucket Truck

Are you interested in using a bucket truck for projects on your property? The various benefits of a truck equipped with a boom and bucket can make the purchase of a bucket truck tempting for companies and individuals alike.

However, a bucket truck can be a costly investment if you don’t plan to use it as part of your business or commercial endeavors. The high cost of purchasing a bucket truck, along with the hours of training necessary to use them safely, can make investing in a bucket truck less than ideal for most people.

To help you handle projects that may require a bucket truck, it is advisable to partner with a company that has access to bucket trucks – as well as the skills necessary to complete your job quickly.

Island Tree Trimming – Bucket Truck Included

Having the ability to reach the highest points or hard to reach heights of Hawaiian trees makes a bucket truck a great asset. At Island Tree Trimming, we are proud to offer tree servicing packages that come with the aid of a bucket truck.

Our team of tree trimming professionals are trained in how to properly operate a bucket truck, as well as how to use them effectively on a variety of projects and properties. With our team in the sky, you can have peace of mind that your project is being completed safely, effectively, and on time.

Contact the team at Island Tree Trimming to learn more about our services and how to bring a bucket truck out to your property to handle any tree trimming needs. You can also find more great tips and tricks just like this on our website. Visit us today to learn more!

Island Tree Trimming's Bucket Truck
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