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Kauai Coffee in 2021

The History of Hawaiian Kauai Coffee

When you think about Hawaii, what is the first drink you think of? An ice-cold cocktail on the beach? A glass of wine at sunset? Have you ever considered Hawaiian coffee?

It’s true! While everyone is familiar with the famous Kauai coffee that is grown, roasted, and shipped from the islands of Hawaii, few truly know the true history behind the Hawaiian coffee trade.

The story of how this humble coffee company grew into a famous export is actually quite interesting. At Island Tree Trimming, we are always interested in a story that combines Hawaii history with something that keeps our team of tree trimming experts moving quickly – coffee!

Let’s take a look at the history of Hawaiian coffee, and see how the magical drink of productivity and passion found its roots in the beautiful island chain.

The Key To Kauai Coffee

What makes Kauai Coffee so incredibly popular? The key is found in the fruit of the Kauai coffee trees that produce the coffee beans necessary for roasting and brewing the famous Kauai Coffee blends.

Blooming each year in mid-Spring, the white blooms of the Kauai coffee tree give off a sweet smell that let planters know that it’s time to harvest the cherries hidden deep within.

The cherries within the Kauai coffee tree ripen over the warm Hawaiian summer to reach a beautiful red color, which lets harvesters know it’s time to harvest. Around September or October, with meticulous care, harvesters will visit the Kauai coffee trees time and again to ensure that they only pick the perfect cherries that are ready to be dried, milled, and roasted into the Kauai Coffee we know and love.

A Gift From Across The Sea

As with many of our favorite Hawaiian treats, Hawaiian Kauai Coffee traces its roots back to the island’s original Polynesian settlers. Around 400AD, brave travelers braced themselves against the winds and waves to make their way to the beautiful Pacific island chains, and brought with them the secrets of planting and harvesting sugar cane.

Known as in the Hawaiian language, sugar cane quickly became a flourishing trade amid the settlers and visitors to the islands. As plantations sprung up across the island, the trade grew. Things seemed to be going well until Mother Nature sent Hurricane Iwa to the island in 1982. The hurricane devastated the sugar cane crop – leading the plantations owned by the McBryde Sugar Company to turn their eyes toward new crop options including coffee. Thus, Kauai’s famous Kauai Coffee was born!

The Meeting Of Two Histories

Technically, coffee wasn’t born after that 1982 hurricane. As early as 1828, Hawaii resident Samuel Reverend Ruggles planted his very first coffee tree in Kailua-Kauai, and over time the humble plant grew into a coffee empire. By the time the century ended, there were over three million coffee trees across the island!

Today, there are over six hundred farms that account for nearly 95% of all the Kauai coffee that is made on the Big Island. Between Ruggles and the McBryde Sugar Company, we owe a debt of gratitude to a group of intrepid entrepreneurs who were willing to risk their livelihood to bring us the famous Kauai Coffee!

Dark Black Kauai Coffee – How Island Tree Trimming Stays Moving

It may be hard to believe, but today there are over 4 million coffee trees that are grown and maintained on over 3,100 acres of the Hawaiian Islands. Today, the Kauai Coffee Company is Hawaii’s largest coffee grower, and has now become the largest coffee producer in the United States!

The fascinating history of Kauai Coffee is one we are thankful for here at Island Tree Trimming. Our team of expert tree trimming experts are powered by a variety of versions of Kauai Coffee, and we are thankful for the dark drink’s ability to give our teams energy and focus to help customers across the island take care of pesky tree issues and other landscaping services.

Check out more great information about the islands – as well as tips for how to maintain your home and business – with the help of the team at Island Tree Trimming. Visit us online and contact us today to learn about our full suite of services, and find out how our team of experienced experts can help you reclaim your property from Hawaii’s natural beauty. While you are at it, let’s share a cup of Kauai Coffee together!

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