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Hurricane Palm Tree 101: How to Prepare for a Dangerous Storm

While palm trees are a wonderful addition to anyone’s property, they can also pose as a liability in the midst of a storm. Hurricane palm tree preparedness is something many people don’t consider; however, staying alert can not only help protect your property but also you and others. In this article we’re going to discuss how you can prepare your palm trees before a hurricane arrives.

How to Prepare Before the Storm

Before the hurricane arrives, you’ll want to make sure that your palm trees are pruned and trimmed. It’s best to hire professionals to handle this because improperly pruned and trimmed palm trees can lead to them falling or breaking in the midst of the storm. If you notice any palm trees with dense canopies, are dead or dying, or are newly planted, you’ll want to call professional tree experts right away since these types of trees can become hazardous during a storm.

To prepare for hurricane palm tree preparedness, we suggest that you follow these rules:

– Make sure to hire a professional arborist to prune and handle your palm trees.
– Do not attempt to trim your palm trees yourself as this can lead to potential problems during the storm.
– Do not attempt to cut into or remove the tree’s root system.
– Remove any dead branches that may be lying on the ground because these can prove to be hazardous with heavy winds during the hurricane.

What to Do After the Hurricane

When the storm has finally passed, you’ll need to assess your property for any damage the palm trees may have caused. If you see a lot of dead or dying branches or damaged trees, you’ll want to stay clear and call professional tree experts. They will be able to remove the excess dead tree branches and assess your standing trees to see if they’ll pose an issue for future storms.

Hiring professionals will save you from having to remove any threatening trees as they have the equipment to handle a laborious task. If any trees seem to be posing a high probability of being a future threat, the experts will safely remove them from your property so they won’t cause any further damage.

We at Island Tree Trimming pride ourselves on our tree expertise and knowledge that we’ve been using to serve the people of Kauai for over ten years. Our services are highly regarded as one of the top tree service companies in all of Kauai because we put you and your greenery first. If you’re looking to prevent any tree damage this hurricane season, call us so we can give you a no obligation estimate to help you prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

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