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How to Prune a Fruit Tree 101

Learning how to prune a fruit tree correctly is what will ensure your tree’s overall success. While pruning a fruit tree can be tedious work, the reward is delicious and fulfilling. If you want to have a healthy fruit tree with bountiful yields, then you’ll need to learn how to prune a fruit tree the right way. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to prune a fruit tree and why it’s important to do so.

Why you need to prune your fruit tree

To keep your fruit tree at a manageable height, you’ll need to continuously prune your tree. If you prune correctly, you’ll be able to keep the tree at a stable height so you can reach the fruit without having to get on a ladder. This will also keep the branches from drooping too low and keep them from overgrowing onto someone else’s property. Make sure to prune away any dead or diseased branches since these can invite pests and animals to invade your tree.

When to prune your fruit tree

Learning how to prune your fruit tree at the correct times will ensure it grows at a healthy, sustainable rate. If you want to keep your tree at the same shape, height, and with tasty yields, then you’ll need to learn when it’s best to prune your tree. It’s best to prune your tree after you harvest it since it will encourage more growth to create the cycle. Pruning during the Autumn and Spring times are also suggested for fruit trees. Make sure to prune leaf buds and not fruit buds, and if you’re not familiar with the difference then hire trained arborists to handle the pruning.

Taking care of your tree at different ages

Understanding how to prune your fruit tree at different ages will also promote healthy growth. Depending on the tree’s age will determine how you should manage it. We’re going to cover how to prune your tree at its different life stages.

– Young Fruit Trees: Provide steady care to your young tree’s growth during its early stages. This is when the tree will be establishing its root system and it will depend on you to prune away any dead or diseased branches, so it can focus on growing healthily. Make sure the tree has plenty of sunlight and prune away unnecessary growths.

– Older Fruit Trees: Fully developed trees still need lots of attention so they can keep producing seasonal harvests. During this stage of the tree’s life, you’ll want to prune after every harvest, and pruning to keep the tree at the same height and shape. If you notice it’s producing a larger crop, prune away some of the fruits and larger branches so it can focus more into the remaining fruits to make them fuller and sweeter. This stage of pruning should focus more on tree maintenance.

While learning how to prune a fruit tree can be a tedious and overbearing task, the rewards are definitely worth it. If you want the benefits of a fruit tree without the intensive manual labor, then call us at Island Tree Trimming. We’ve been serving the island of Kauai as professional arborists for over ten years! Call us today to receive your no obligation quote so we promote the growth of your healthy fruit tree!

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