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Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Composting

One of the best ways that we can preserve Hawaii’s natural beauty is by taking steps each day to reduce our footprint. Learn how Island Tree Trimming is making it easier than ever for you to get started on your own composting journey!

 At Island Tree Trimming, one of our favorite methods for giving back to our beautiful state is through composting – a natural and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of trash and other degradable resources in a way that is good for your home and our environment.

 With composting, homeowners can quickly and naturally dispose of yard and food waste in an environmentally friendly way. Composting helps you turn trash and waste into soil-enriching nutrients that are not only great for your yard but help keep extra trash out of landfills.

 Have you ever wondered if composting is really worthwhile? Here are some of our top benefits that you can begin to enjoy right now when you start composting!

The Top Benefits of Composting


Reduction Of Waste In Hawaii’s Landfills

 First and foremost, starting an organic composting habit can help reduce the amount of waste that fills landfills across the state. Many statistics show that up to 50% of what is thrown away in trash cans could be broken down naturally in a compost heap – reducing the amount of trash that goes to landfills.

Reducing landfill trash decreases the amount of dangerous methane gas released from landfills is drastically reduced, and overall, trash collection is decreased.

1. Help The Soil Maintain A Healthy & Rich Vibrancy

With composting, you are directly impacting the soil of your property by adding rich nutrients back into the ground. It’s a far cheaper way to keep your yard healthy than buying expensive, over-the-counter yard treatments!

As your compost begins to break down, organic matter in the soil is increased. This can help with grass, plants, and garden growth as the soil can absorb nutrients and avoid erosion. Your soil – and Hawaii – will thank you for composting!

 2. Keep Your Natural Groundwater Clean & Pure

 As the compost begins to fuel the soil with rich nutrients, the groundwater that collects in the soil will also have a chance to become cleaner and purer. The compost will help to soak up water that is lost to erosion, and will send clean, natural H2O to the grass and plants around your property.

3. Decrease Your Utility Bills

 This one is just good ol’ plain math. The less that you have to throw away in the trash, the less you will have to pay in utility costs! With composting, you will see a natural reduction in your waste, which can equal big savings over time for you and your family – as well as helping keep the environment healthy and strong!

4. Composting Is Fun!

 Our favorite benefit to composting is how much fun the process can be for the entire family! With composting, you can take part in a natural – and educational! – process that is not only great for the environment, but healthy for young, curious minds. Your family will love taking part in keeping the compost pile filled up with waste material, and watching as nature takes its course to break down the waste into safe and enriching nutrients for the soil.

Start Your Composting Journey Today With Island Tree Trimming

 Helping the residents of our great state find fun and creative ways to give back to the environment is one of the key values at Island Tree Trimming. As one of the island’s most trusted tree trimming and maintenance services, we know how important the natural beauty is to our community.

Not only do we offer high-quality tree trimming and maintenance services to properties across our great state, but we are proud to equip homeowners as they begin their own composting journey! From free composting materials to tips and tricks for helping your composting methods succeed in your unique environment, we have many resources available to get you started.

 No matter what you need, there is a member of our dedicated Kauai tree team ready to step in and help! To learn more about composting, as well as a variety of different services that Island Tree Trimming offers, contact our team today!

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