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Albizia Trees In Hawaii

How to handle albizia trees in Hawaii to prevent liabilities

The albizia tree, otherwise known as Falcataria Moluccana, came to Hawaii over a century ago. These invasive trees are known for their ability to rapidly spread and to grow incredibly fast. Because of their dominating traits, they’ve proved to be a dangerous liability for the people of Hawaii. This article will cover the history of albizia trees, how they’re affecting Hawaii, and how they can be controlled.

The history of albizia trees

Originating from the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia, the albizia trees found their way to Hawaii a century ago. The land was being used for cattle ranching, logging, and farming and was causing eroding slopes. In an attempt to prevent this, foresters planted albizia trees because they could grow extremely fast (up to 15ft per year!). Then the sugar cane industry collapsed, and the albizia trees spread all over the island.

The issues with albizia trees

Despite their ability to grow at a fast pace, albizia trees are invasive and have weak and brittle branches. Their branches have posed serious risks to Hawaiian islanders since they will fall at random times and injure pedestrians, block roadways, and damage property. They’re especially harder to control once they’re larger trees.

Not only are albizia trees a liability, but also their territorial nature prevents other native trees and species from getting the right amount of nutrients. Since these trees are extremely tall and broad, they will cover other trees and soak up all of the sunlight. And they will absorb all of the rainfall because of their shallow roots. To protect Hawaii’s greenery, albizia trees must be controlled and safely removed to prevent further damage and harm to communities, property, and nature.

How to remove albizia trees in Hawaii

Now that you know the detrimental effects that albizia trees have on their environment, it’s time to cover how to safely remove them. A biomass facility on Kauai has been working to chip and burn albizia trees to produce 12% of the island’s power. And, they’re planting noninvasive eucalyptus trees in return.

Since these trees have brittle wood, it isn’t recommended to handle them on your own. It’s best to call a professional arborist to handle your albizia tree needs. We at Island Tree Trimming have the professional equipment required to remove albizia trees on Kauai. Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote!

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